Spin Class Times
Spin Class – 7 classes per week

Monday 1.30pm  |  Tuesday 7pm & 7.35pm  |  Wednesday 7pm  |  Friday 1.30pm & 6pm  |  Saturday 3pm

There is limited availablitiy in our Spin Classes (12 bikes). Therefore this class requires prior booking. Call us directly on 074 91 32053 or complete the form below to book. (If completing the contact form, we will call/text you confirm that you have been booked a space.

Provisional Booking Spin Class

2 + 12 =

Spin Classes: fun class using spin bikes to boost aerobic fitness and tone legs. Suitable for all fitness levels.

This is a 30 min DryFit Class, and is included in our monthly class pass.



Circuits – a varied set of excercises incorporating cardio and resistance for a total body workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


15.15.15 – instructor choice of 15 min burst of exercises for getting fit, burning calories and toning up.


MetaFit – body weight training, works muscles, burns fat and boosts metabolism for 24 hours after your session.

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates – working on improving full body flexibility and stability, primarily employing core muscles.

Body Tone

Body Tone – mix of cardio and resistance excercises to help speed metabolism and tone your body.

Body Blast

Body Blast – interval exercises to increase fitness primarily using body weight to sweat fast.