15.15.15 Class Times
15.15.15 – 1 class per week

Thursday 7.10am

15.15.15 –  instructor choice of 15 min burst of exercises for getting fit, burning calories and toning up.

This is a 45 min DryFit Class, and is included in our monthly class pass.



Circuits – a varied set of excercises incorporating cardio and resistance for a total body workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning – resistance training using light weights with high reps.

Body Strength

Body Strength – to increase metabolism and build learn muscle.


MetaFit – body weight training, works muscles, burns fat and boosts metabolism for 24 hours after your session.

Core & Flexibility

Core & Flexibility – to improve posture working deep adbominal muscles and improve range of movement of joints.

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates – working on improving full body flexibility and stability, primarily employing core muscles.

Body Tone

Body Tone – mix of cardio and resistance excercises to help speed metabolism and tone your body.

Body Blast

Body Blast – interval exercises to increase fitness primarily using body weight to sweat fast.


Core: resistance work on the abs. oblique’s and back muscles.